Breast Enlargement

Breast Enlargement

Many women feel their natural breast size is too small, their breasts have lost volume after pregnancy and breastfeeding, or possibly have an imbalance in size between breasts.

While specialist bras can go some way to addressing this, dissatisfaction with breast size can cause emotional stress and impact on a woman’s life. Breast enlargement, also known as a boob job, offers a permanent solution by inserting an implant behind each breast, increasing the size.


Is this procedure for me?

Simply put, the procedure involves placing a permanent implant inside the body to enlarge the size of the breast. Your initial consultation with Dr Gahankari will decide details such as the appropriate size and type of the implant (silicone gel or saline), type of implant surface (smooth or textured), shape of the implant (round or tear drop), and which surgical option suits you (under or over the muscle). In most cases the actual procedure will take place as day surgery under general anaesthetic.


Pre and post op care

Recovery time for breast enlargement surgery is usually quite quick, but is dependent on individual factors. You should be able to return to work within 2-7 days under usual circumstances.


What results can I expect?

After surgery you will have fuller, firmer breasts to complement your natural body curvature. You may experience swelling and bruising for some weeks as well as over- or under-sensitive skin. You should be able to resume normal, light activities within two days.


Costs for this procedure?

Packages start from $7200 based on a standard procedure. This fee includes: surgical fees, theatre fees, implants, anaesthetic fees and post-operative follow up care. Please phone 07 5539 4611 for details.

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