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It’s one of the most common anti-aging treatments used around the world today, with more than one in 10 Australian women aged 30 to 54 reported to using it, yet injectables are still a mystery to many of us. Here are five things you need to know about Botox.

  1. It won’t freeze your face

That old joke about not being able to move your face because of injectables, is just that – a joke. These injectables are designed to relax certain muscles in order to reduce or eliminate wrinkles and fine lines, and prevent new ones from forming. A skilled injector can eliminate these lines and wrinkles while still allowing plenty of movement and expression in the face. The frozen face look comes when you have been given too much, or been injected in the wrong places.

  1. It can change the shape of your face

Injectables are used for more than just getting rid of wrinkles. For example if you have a very square jaw, that is the result of an overdeveloped masseter muscle (the one you use to chew), injectables can relax that muscle and create a much softer, rounder jaw line. Protruding chins, too can be corrected using injectables, as can chin dimpling. Susan Walsh, head injectable nurse at Gold Coast’s Advanced Aesthetics and Queensland Clinical Trainer for Galderma Q Med, where she teaches injecting dermal fillers and muscle relaxants, stresses that experienced injectors will be able to use injectables more effectively, and more extensively than those who have no formal training in its application.

  1. You can use it on your neck

Injectables can be used to treat wrinkling of the neck – a much complained about ageing area, especially for women – but, warns Susan, it requires an absolute skilled hand or things can go very wrong. “Treating the neck can be very effective,” she says, “but it really requires a specialised detailed knowledge of the neck muscles. It also requires a very restrained hand; too much and you can cause a lot of problems.”

  1. You can use it for a brow lift

A sinking or sagging brow is something that affects many ageing women and men. A surgical brow lift is one of the most common of all cosmetic procedures, but a skilled technician can perform a brow lift using injectables; lifting the eyebrows, and often opening hooded eyelids in the process.

  1. Not just anybody can do it

Susan says the success of anti-ageing treatments comes down to one thing: the skill of the injector. “You are working with a very complex set of facial muscles, so you need to have a comprehensive understanding of these muscles in order to achieve the best outcome,” Susan says. “This is why we advise that patients always seek out qualified, trained technicians for their anti-ageing injectables. A trained technician can give you beautiful, natural results.”

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