Look towards the light – The anti-aging power of laser

Everyone wants gorgeous, bareable skin. Unfortunately the harsh Australian climate means our skin ages faster than we would like. Age spots, lines and wrinkles and even broken capillaries are common in men and women who spend any of their time outdoors, bathing in UV rays.

While we need sunshine to generate vitamin D, for immunity and strong bones, most of us would  prefer to achieve that without the signs of skin ageing.

The good news is that much of this damage is reversible with the right treatment and tools.

Better, clearer, more youthful skin is one of the many outcomes we help patients achieve.

So how do we do it?

Broadband light technology (BBL)

This gentle treatment that can be used to treat imperfections on the face, neck, arms, and décolletage. Light energy gently heats up the upper layers of skin and stimulates growth of new collagen. Expect two to five treatments at two to four weekly intervals with minimal discomfort and downtime.


A laser targets damaged tissue by creating tiny microchannels beneath the skin’s surface to plump up skin and smooth out wrinkles, lines and other skin irregularities. Typically you will receive one to four treatments, six weeks apart with dramatic results evident after up to six months.

Laser facial

A medical grade microdermabrasion plus photo-revelation offers a comfortable rejuvenating laser treatment. Skin will be noticeably improved with a smoother more youthful appearance and the elimination of large pores, acne scarring or pigmentation. Typically you will need four to six treatments at four weekly intervals.

Micro Laser Peel

This weekend skin peel treats skin conditions associated with aging and an active lifestyle.  Your therapist will use topical anaesthesia before the procedure that removes old, damaged tissue. Typically you will need two to four treatments, six to eight weeks apart. Healing takes three to four days.

Skin Tyte

Reduce sagging and bagging with light energy delivered in a sequence of rapid gentle pulses to deeply heat dermal collagen and create increased skin firmness.  Results take up to four months as the collagen foundation of the skin is rebuilt and strengthened. There is no downtime and minimal discomfort.


Combining the BBL photo-rejuvenation and Skin Tyte treatments, this is appropriate for those seeking firmer skin with reduced wrinkles and redness.



EMERGE can improve challenging scars deep wrinkles and pigmentation and improve skin tone and texture.  The laser uses a non-ablative technique to stimulate gradual skin tightening. A topical anaesthetic can be applied, with three to four treatments at three to four weekly intervals and minimal downtime.


Goodbye broken capillaries, ruby points, skin tags, blotches, milia and cholesterol deposits.  It works by penetrating the skin and capillary vessels with heat. Directly after treatment you may experience some small marks or scabs which will go away within two to three days. The ‘new’ skin will be smoother and clearer with a more youthful appearance

Laser Resurfacing

Concentrated, pulsating beams of light are used to remove damaged skin under anaesthesia.

This procedure is appropriate for treating wrinkles around the eyes, lips, cheeks and forehead; freckles, blemishes, uneven skin and ager spots; sun-damaged and aged skin and even sagging eyelids and stretch marks. Performed under the supervision of a surgeon, this powerful treatment requires 10 to 14 days downtime to recover before you start seeing beautiful results.

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