Brotox – injectables for the boys


More and more men are choosing to use anti-aging injectables as a way to improve their appearance. There are a variety of reasons for the growth in the male market. Men, like women, like to look their best. Some men are newly single and need a little confidence boost. Some men have spent much of their lives outdoors and their skin is now suffering sun damage. And, for many older men, the signs of aging in the facial area can have a very real impact on their professional lives.

We have had many male clients share with us their experiences in the workplace, often competing with younger men, where they are considered ‘past it’, when, in fact, they feel they have never had more to offer. They cite the appearance of aging through wrinkles and deep frown lines as a hindrance to their personal and professional lives, making them appear much older than they feel.

For a long time, anti-aging injections were considered to be the domain of women; men were expected to simply put up with these wrinkles, no matter how they felt about them. But thankfully, times have changed. We have many male clients who are enjoying the benefits of anti-aging injection treatments, which they say have taken decades off their appearance and given them a renewed sense of confidence. These injections weaken specific muscles when injected into them. The nerve impulse that initiates muscle contraction is blocked thereby weakening of these muscles.

Especially for men, the success of this treatment relies on the skill, knowledge and experience of the person administering the injections. Most of our male clients are seeking results that reduce or eliminate these lines, without them looking like they have had anything ‘done’. This is where a detailed knowledge of the facial muscular system is essential in order to know which muscle affects which specific area of the face. The results we achieve are impactful, but subtle. Most of our male clients say people in their lives are completely unaware that they have undergone the treatment, they simply comment on how well and relaxed the person is looking.

Not only do these changes impact on our male client’s professional lives, they also give our client’s a new lease on life, with more confidence in every aspect of their lives.

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