There are many reasons people opt to have plastic surgery. These reasons can be for reconstructive purposes due to accidents, birth defects and cancers or cosmetic enhancement to improve self-esteem and confidence. Whatever the reason may be, people often seek inspiration to shape their appearance around.

We find that many people show up to their initial consultation with their plastic surgeon with a list of specific body parts from some of their favourite celebrities. Whether it’s a nose or a jaw line, celebrities are often the muse of plastic surgery, even if their features have been surgically enhanced too!

Some of the top requests we see at the Advanced Aesthetics clinic are as follows.

Natalie Portman’s nose is all the rag as it’s not too long, short or flat. Jennifer Anniston’s nose is also often requested especially by people who think their own is too large for their face and its other features. The problem with noses is that they are every face is different, with features and structure specific to each individual.

The same nose may not suit one face like it suits another. This is also relevant to many other procedures, for example a woman that is five foot and quite lean wouldn’t suit the breasts of Pamela Anderson or Kate Upton. It is important to choose a surgeon who has the experience and knowledge to work with you on finding the correct size and shape for any surgical procedure, to ensure that the results are natural and suit your appearance.

Many people visit plastic surgeons looking for fuller lips, producing a photo of Angelina Jolie or Scarlett Johansson. Lips that are too thin can age a face making it look drawn and deflated. Jolie and Johansson’s lips are plump and balanced with the top nicely shaped and thinner than the fuller bottom lip. Once again, lips are an important feature on the face and are visible at all times, making it imperative that they are balanced and in proportion to the other facial features.

Hugh Jackman’s jawline is a favourite with men looking for a facial makeover. His symmetrical features and square jaw make him intriguing yet approachable. He’s also got that masculinity and handsomeness in his facial structure that many men can only dream of. When it come’s to women, Halle Berry’s chin and jawline are also in high demand.

Women looking for a perky well-proportioned bottom tend to have Beyoncé on the mind. Surgeons will often use implants to mirror the singer’s round and voluminous derriere, however there are also injections that can be offered for an extra bootylicious boost.

Anne Hathaway’s eyes and Megan Fox’s eyebrows are often requested by women, looking for a striking and sexy stare. Ashton Kutcher’s cheekbones, Selma Hayek’s bosoms and Kiera Knightley’s jaw have also made the list for the most sought after celebrity inspired enhancements.

With all procedures that change the face or body and its appearance, it is important to consult with your surgeon to ensure that it is achievable and appropriate for your body composition and current features. This will ensure that not only you love your results, but that they are natural and complimentary of your current appearance.


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