Want a treatment that has almost instant results and gives your complexion a smooth, healthy glow?

Introducing dermaplaning – a light cosmetic procedure in which a skin therapist uses a surgical-grade scalpel to remove dead skin cells, as well as fine facial hair, from the upper layer of your epidermis. It can reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles as well as keep your skin look healthy and dewy. People with dull or dry skin, or sun damage, will also get good results. After dermaplaning, your skin is more receptive to treatment creams such as moisturisers or serums and dermaplaning can also help your makeup go on smoother. Finally, it helps speed up healthy skin cell production.

The result: skin looks dewy, skincare penetrates better and makeup glides on smoothly.

We asked Advanced Aesthetics’ dermal therapist Chloe for five more ways to get your glow on.

1. Sun protection
No matter what else you do, including dermaplaning, you need to wear a sunblock of at least SPF30+ to protect you from harsh UV rays that contribute to 90 per cent of ageing damage. Chloe likes SkinCeuticals UV Defense SPF50+ and says to make sure you apply it generously to your face, neck and décolletage and ears. All of these areas can get damaged by the sun resulting in you looking older than you need to.

2. Exfoliate!
Using a gentle, daily exfoliant can complement your dermaplaning treatment, although you’ll need to wait a few days after to use it. Chloe says these products work superficially to keep the skin from getting clogged by dirt and dead skin cells. While you’re at it, why not exfoliate your whole body, not just your face, paying special attention to rough skin spots. Applying a toner, to your face, afterwards will help prevent enlarged pores

3. Buy the best serum you can afford
Serums are definitely a thing. These super concentrated samples of skin vitamins and de-aging ingredients get to work fast so that you look younger and fresher more quickly. Chloe recommends SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Serum (that’s the one the beauty editors and bloggers all rave about). She adds that a benefit of dermaplaning is that it helps your serum penetrate skin better, for better results.

4. Find a great dermal therapist and make regular appointments
Sticking to a recommended product, cleansing and moisturising rituals, and regular facials and treatments all pay off. Skin stays cleaner, brighter and firmer and any potential problems such as pigmentation or congestion can be picked up earlier. Facial massage can also help keep support structures stronger while professional products that boost collagen or elastic production also work to fight ageing.

5. Don’t worry, be happy
Besides the exterior ways you treat your skin, it’s important to look at the interior ones too. A positive attitude shows on your face and, trust us, a negative one will eventually “stick”. Of course diet is important too. You need to max Vitamin C from green vegetables and citrus fruits and not skimp on good oils like olive oil or fish oil. The aim is to eat a natural, anti-inflammatory diet that slows skin ageing.

Please note: Individual results may vary. All procedures carry risks and you should seek a second opinion before proceeding.

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