The most effective tattoo removal

There is a dangerous lack of regulation within the tattoo removal industry which means unqualified and untrained operators are able to use high powered lasers on unsuspecting patient’s skin, and it can do a lot of damage.

New generation lasers can remove unwanted tattoos permanently but there are cases where patients have experienced severe burning, scarring and infection as a result of misuse of these machines.

Often the resulting scar is worse for the patient than the original tattoo.

It is possible in Australia for a beauty clinic to purchases a machine, maybe made in Korea or China for as little as $15,000 – $20,000 (our PicoSure machine costs over $150,000) and the clinic will simply start using it with little or no training at all. They do not understand the machine, its capabilities or the dangers. I have heard of cases where they just turn the machine up as high as it will go to try and remove the tattoo quickly. The result is that the skin is simply burnt off and there is a lifelong scar.

If you are looking to have a tattoo removed it is imperative that you choose qualified technicians who are using quality equipment.

At Advanced Aesthetics, we use the best laser available, the PicoSure (aesthetic picosecond laser), and our technicians are fully trained, qualified and experienced.

The lasers such as the PicoSure are fantastic machines and the results we see in our clinic are exceptional.

Make sure you thoroughly check the qualifications of the practitioner who will be performing the laser removal and to only deal with clinics that offer a very thorough pre- and post-removal process in place.

We have a very strict and thorough process in place, to ensure the best and most effective course of treatment is undertaken.

Once you have made the decision to remove your tattoo we will offer you a free consultation, during which myself or our nurse MaryEllen will fully explain the process and answer any questions you may have. We will discuss your medical history and any medications you may be taking. This information enables us to make your treatment as safe as possible. We will also discuss possible side effects to make sure you are fully informed of any treatment risks.

Our attention then turns to your tattoo and gathering detailed information about where it was done, by whom and what type of inks were used. We also need to know if you experienced any skin reactions when the work was first done. The number of treatments needed will vary according to the size of the tattoo, the depth of the ink and whether complete removal or fading is required. The number of sessions, pain relief options and cost of treatments will be discussed in this initial assessment.

If you are happy to proceed with laser treatment we will then test several small sections of your tattoo to assess how it will react to the laser. Different colours may require the use of different lasers. Each session will last around 15 minutes, but the laser treatment itself is very fast. A four to six week break will be required between sessions. After each treatment the skin will feel a little like it’s been sunburnt, but this will slowly subside over the next few days.

If you are not offered a full and extensive pre-treatment assessments, or the person operating the laser is not fully qualified, you should look elsewhere for treatment.

Don’t take a chance with your skin and your health.

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