There are over 40 muscles in the face. Together with your bone structure, skin texture and a few other dominant features, these muscles basically determine what we see in the mirror.

The smallest difference – a slight arch in an eyebrow, a faintly upturned mouth, eliminating a deep line between the brows or the tiniest plumping of a cheek – makes a huge difference.

In the right hands, injectables can make these subtle changes, and delicately shape your face into the best version it can be (to steal Oprah’s term). A great injector can work with you as time goes by, using the latest products and techniques to keep you liking what you see in the mirror.

However, to achieve these subtle but oh-so-significant changes, it takes a thorough understanding of these muscles and what they do, as well as an expert knowledge of the injectable’s capabilities and the specific dosage needed.

The injector’s expertise is the difference between you looking fabulous or frozen.

And it isn’t something you just learn in an afternoon training session; it takes year’s of study and experience. We are so blessed to have our Injectables Specialist Susan Walsh at advanced Aesthetics – the epitome of a specialist. When it comes to injectables, she is a recognised expert.

A Registered Nurse for over 26 years, when Susan isn’t seeing her devoted clients here with us, she trains cosmetic physicians in the art of injectables, dermal fillers and muscle relaxants. She has a huge wealth of experience in dermatology, and the administration of anti-wrinkle injections dermal and sub dermal filers for facial contouring, cheek and lip enhancement. And it shows. The results she achieves for her clients are just beautiful.

So if you are thinking of injectables, don’t settle for the cheap, flashy option – you simply will not get the best result. If you want naturally beautiful results, see an expert. Call us to see Susan.


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