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Skin Tightening

As the years pass by, our skin loses elasticity and will gradually start to sag. Another cause of sagging skin can be weight loss, especially in extreme cases where a substantial amount of weight has been dropped. One of the areas that is commonly affected by this body change are the upper arms, where loose skin can develop, and there is only so much exercise can do to correct this. Often referred to as ‘tuckshop lady arms’, this excess skin can have a negative impact on people’s self-esteem and be quite stubborn to remove. Skin tightening treatments, also known as a brachiaplasty have the ability to tighten the skin in these problem areas, creating a taught and toned appearance.

Our Gold Coast plastic surgeon Dr Dilip Gahankari is an experienced reconstructive and cosmetic surgeon, with over 21 years of experience performing the skin tightening procedure. For more information on getting a brachiaplasty on the Gold Coast or to book a free consultation, submit an enquiry below or call our practice.



The skin tightening procedure has the ability to tighten the loose skin that has appeared over time, and help to provide a more youthful looking contoured appearance. An upper arm lift or brachiaplasty reshapes the underneath of the upper arm, which is commonly a problem area as we age. The surgery is generally performed under general anesthetic and is undertaken as a day surgery in one of our partnering Gold Coast hospitals. The standard brachiaplasty incision extends from the underarm to the elbow, however the full length incision is not always necessary. During a skin tightening procedure, you may also need liposuction if you have excess fatty deposits, for an overall firmer look. This will be decided in your initial consultation with our experienced plastic surgeon Dr Dilip.



After the skin tightening (brachiaplasty) procedure, you will have to stay in a compression bandage for one to two weeks, to ensure the best possible recovery and appearance for the area. You will be able to resume normal activities such as work and driving after two weeks. It is recommended to avoid overly strenuous activities and heavy lifting for six weeks. Dr Dilip Gahankari will discuss your surgical options and recovery times at your initial consultation, to ensure you get the best possible result from the skin tightening procedure.



After receiving skin tightening surgery will have a smoother, more toned looking appearance. The effect of a brachiaplasty is immediate, although the full benefits may take a few months to be seen once the swelling has gone down. You will have a scar that usually heals very well, but will always be slightly present. It is important to choose a plastic surgeon that is experienced, to ensure the scar is small and minimally visible. Advanced Aesthetics offers a variety of scar minimising treatments which Dr Dilip Gahankari can discuss with you in your initial consultation for you skin tightening procedure.

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