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As we age, a reduction in skin hyaluronans, collagen and elastin causes the upper lip to lose volume and fullness. Lip enhancement, also known as lip fillers restore this fullness, giving you the size and shaped lips you desire. More frequently we are seeing women turning to lip fillers to enhance the natural size and shape of their lips.



A variety of soft tissue lip fillers, including fat, collagen, and others, can be used to enhance the lips. Your clinical nurse at Advanced Aesthetics will discuss the best lip filler option to achieve your desired result. The lip filler is injected with a fine needle into the treatment area to gain the desired result of fuller lips.



Lip fillers will result in immediate restoration of volume, however, the final result can take some days to come into effect. If you are planning lip injections for a specific occasion you should have them at least a week before the date, to ensure that all swelling and bruising has subsided.


It is worth noting that there are many clinics and beauty outlets offering lip fillers and enhancement, often at a discount rate. However, inexperienced or untrained technicians may not have the required skill and knowledge to achieve an acceptable result. Often the result of these lip fillers is unsatisfactory and not suited to your face. The Advanced Aesthetics team are highly trained and skilled, specialising in these treatments, and can give you a natural, proportioned result.

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