It may seem like a joke, but for many women Resting Bitch Face is no laughing matter. Sometimes the wrinkles and frown lines that appear as a result of ageing and skin damage can give a person an angry or mean look.
And if you think it’s all about vanity, think again. People react to their perceptions of you. So if your face is saying you are mean and angry, that’s often how you are treated.

We have heard so many stories from women and men who say their wrinkles and frown lines are giving the world the wrong impression of who and what they are.
Fortunately, there are solutions. Anti-ageing injectables and dermal fillers can reduce or eliminate these wrinkles and frown lines leaving the face looking more refreshed, more youthful, and happier. Eyebrows can be lifted slighted, the corner of your mouth upturned (literally turning that frown upside down).

The trick is, knowing which lines to eliminate, which to soften and which to leave, to achieve a naturally beautiful result. Just make sure when you are seeking anti-ageing injectables and fillers that you choose a clinician with the right qualifications and experience – or you may not achieve the stunning results that are possible.
Our expert clinicians have the skill and experience needed to address the wrinkles and frowns while still maintaining a natural look with beautiful facial movement.

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