While we all have different tastes and opinions, it seems that when it comes to breasts, we are pretty much all in agreement on what is ‘perfect’. In a study published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, a team of plastic surgeons claim they have found the perfect breast shape. According to the results of their study, a breast with an upper pole (above the nipple) to lower pole (below the nipple) ratio of 45:55 is the most universally appealing. Simply put, a breast with the ratio of 45:55 is slightly fuller on the bottom than the top (instead of equally full on top and bottom, or fuller on top than on bottom).

The research team asked more than 1,300 individuals to look at pictures of four differently sized breasts (the 45:55, as well as 35:65, 50:50 and 55:45) and rank them for attractiveness. The team compared the answers of men and women, people of different ages,races/ethnic groups, and over 50 plastic surgeons.

All of the groups ranked the picture of the breast with the 45:55 ratio as the most attractive. The 45:55 ratio had 87%of the votes of women in their thirties, 90% of all men and 94% of plastic surgeons.
It’s not to say everyone should wish to have a 45:55 ratio, but it’s an interesting result.

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