The Kardashians are fans of it. So, reportedly, is Jessica Alba, Nicki Minaj and Lindsay Lohan. There are a bunch of celebrities embracing waist training, the corset craze that pulls you in and ties you up. Thousands of everyday women are joining in too, in a trend that is troubling for health care professionals.

The idea is that these torture instruments with their hard metal boning and thick tight fabric laced tightly around your middle for a few months will give you an hourglass figure and wipe centimetres off your waist.
Toddlewash, say the experts, who insist the corset, no matter how tight you pull it or how long you wear it, will not change your proportions. More importantly, it can cause permanent damage, squishing your lungs by up to 60%, pushing and squeezing your organs, crushing your stomach and causing constipation.

If there are areas of your body you are unhappy with, and diet and exercise simply won’t budge, forget the corset. Come and see us about surgical and non-surgical options to help you reach your goals.


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