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Tummy Tuck

For many women, no amount of dieting and exercise can address excess fat or skin in the tummy and waistline area. Un-affectionately known as the spare tyre, loose skin, fat deposits and lower tummy bulges are often developed after childbirth or weight loss. This excess skin and fat can cause a range of issues for some individuals, both physically and psychologically.

Abdominoplasty surgery has the ability to alleviate these issues and achieve the stomach that you’ve always wanted. The main goals of an abdominoplasty is the removal of excess skin and fat, improving abdominal muscle tone and appearance and to improve the overall appearance of the area.

Gold Coast plastic surgeon Dr Dilip is an experienced abdominoplasty surgeon and will determine the procedure that offers you the best possible result to suit your circumstances. 



An abdominoplasty is the surgical removal of excess skin and fat from the abdomen, and the repositioning of abdomen muscles into a tighter formation.

The tummy tuck procedure involves an incision at the lower abdomen, possibly a second incision at the navel. Liposculpture is used to contour the tummy and part of the hip, and to reduce skin damage and the length of the scar.



Procedures vary from patient to patient, and the extent of the surgery will dictate the recovery time for your unique situation. Generally speaking after three weeks patients can return to work and light exercises such as walking. In most cases by six weeks after surgery patients are able to complete normal everyday activities, however still avoiding anything strenuous on the abdominal wall.

It is important to keep in mind that all patients and their surgery recoveries are different, thus Dr Gahankari will discuss your surgical options and recovery times at your initial consultation to give you a clearer idea of how long your recovery will take.



This surgery will result in a flatter firmly contoured stomach and well-defined waistline. Normal activities can generally be resumed within two weeks, though the pressure garment must be worn for some weeks to support the repair of the muscles and reduce swelling and bruising. It may take up to a year for your body to completely adapt to the new abdominal configuration. With proper diet and exercise, the striking results of the surgery will be long lasting.

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